Functional and focused design

Enerlux Power Srl gives particular attention to design phase.

Thus, product is developed not only to grant high performances, but also to manage future actions on it and its maintenance in a very easy way.

Added value of a design made by Enerlux Power Srl, is to think not only to the product, but also to the system inside which it will be installed.


Standard and Customized

Enerlux Power Srl manufactures a wide range of capacitors and power factor correction systems both in Low and Medium Voltage.

Additionally to standard products, Enerlux Power Srl is specialized in customized solutions, developed starting from a technical analyze of customer needs on a specific project.


100% Italian quality

The complete direct manufacturing at Enerlux Power Srl premise is that every manufacturing phase is done in Italy. Production is optimized and not limited to the manufacture of elements having perfect technical characteristics, but is directed to manufacture every single unit paying attention to its best management and maintenance for the whole life of the plant to which it belongs.

Additionally, with the aim to limit every mounting trouble it could raise at site, all the systems and capacitor banks (also High Voltage ones) are completely assembled at Enerlux Power Srl premise.


Safety and reliability

Every manufactured product is subjected to a complete internal testing, divided into specific phases.

All the tests carried out on the products manufactured by Enerlux Power Srl, are carried out in compliance to Italian and International standards to grant to the customer the safety and reliability of the product itself, and a compliance in relation to the TESTS.

Enerlux Power Srl foresees many testing steps during the production process, among which:

  • Tests at receipt of materials
  • Tests during production
  • Final tests


Close to customers

Enerlux Power Srl, before sale phase, carries out a technical analyse and evaluates the specific request received by the customer, with the aim to propose the best solution related to single exigences.

Also after installation, technical support of Enerlux Power Srl is active as assistance service after sale.

Enerlux Power Srl is able to supply not only single products, but a complete support, becoming the partner of its customers.