At the base of Enerlux's ongoing commitment we find:

Italian production and complete control of the production phases

The whole production of Enerlux Power Srl is done in its own premise and this allow a direct control of the whole production phases: from raw materials to finished products.

Customer is the main interest 

Enerlux Power Srl policy, always considers customer satisfaction as the aim of its business, to which quality and reliability are granted.

Custom services

Enerlux Power Srl starts from customer needs to design and manufacture customized power factor correction equipment, answering to the various needs of the plant where it will be installed.


Enerlux Power Srl has inside its premise different types of laboratories and electrical, thermal and mechanical testing fields, where different type and routine tests are carried out on the products.

Management of laboratories is organized in compliance to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025. Management of the instruments and reference samples, calibration, definition of meteorological conditions and activities related to laboratories are carried out by Enerlux Power Srl in compliance with current standards related to this..


Ambient must be protected and Enerlux Power Srl focusing on this aim chose:

  • Manufacture Low Voltage power factor correction products with non-toxic materials
  • Use a photovoltaic plant to decrease the release of greenhouse gases generated by the use of energy for the production
  • FSC mark (paper and wood from correctly managed forests), to issue whole documentation and packing.

Declaration of Quality Policy Environment Policy