BMT Series

The range of BMT type capacitor banks offers various solutions for industrial power factor correction thanks to the many combinations that can be made:

  • small and high powers;
  • working voltages greater than 24 kV obtained with overlapping frame structures (see the following paragraphs);
  • indoor and outdoor installations;
  • constructions on fully open structures (IP rating 00) or in special boxes (for powers up
  • to 14.4 Mvar-24 kV also with degree of protection IP 54);
  • different levels of insulation;
  • operation under harsh working and environmental conditions;
  • making filters for harmonics;
  • special user requirements.
In addition, the BMT type capacitors banks offer several advantages:

  • easy installation operations thanks to the complete line of accessories offered;
  • optimization of the installation thanks to the systems fitted for connections to the various systems;
  • simplification of the transport and handling operations thanks to the construction in compact and versatile structures;
  • easy maintenance operations;
  • different possibilities of making the frames, including hot galvanized steel or stainless steel frames (for especially corrosive environments).

The BMT banks are composed of a number of single-phase capacitors that are assembled and interconnected in order to obtain greater power; the connection is normally delta with insulated neutral.ì

In addition to the capacitors and frame, the supply normally includes:

  • post insulators (see following paragraph);
  • connection bars;
  • protection via transformer and unbalance relay;
  • damping reactors.

It is moreover possible to install other accessories and components such as:

  • fast discharge devices;
  • harmonic block or filter reactors;
  • earthing and/or line disconnector switches;
  • HRC fuses (for indoors) or expulsion fuses (for outdoors);
  • Current and voltage transformers and relaysfor protection against overloading, shortcircuiting, etc...
  • Electromechanical interlock systems for correct bank operation
  • Systems protecting against contact for the working personnel;
  • Exchangers and ventilation systems (for banks in boxes);
  • Space heater elements (for banks in boxes);
  • Other accessories on request.

On the catalogue BMT series is showed with the most common and used versions, however Enerlux Power Srl can make capacitor banks defined on customer specific requirements.

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